Share PIN protected power outlet.

This page describes how to set up a Telldus controlled smart power outlet to be accessible with a QR code and PIN protection.

Prerequisite: You have a smart power plug/outlet installed that can be accessed and controlled in the Telldus Live online application. It should appear under the ’Devices’ heading. Please note the name given to the power plug as it will be used later.

  1. Go to the power control application. Click ’login’.
  2. If you do not have an account yet, create a new one, using a valid email address.
  3. Enter email and password to login.
  4. You should now have more options available. Click the ’Add unit’ button.
  5. Enter a name and possibly a PIN number for the unit. The name can be the same as the Telldus name, but a different one is allowed.
  6. Select ’telldus_live’ as access method.
  7. For ’Telldus unit name’ enter the name as given by the Telldus app.
  8. Click ’Add unit’.
  9. You will now be redirected to the Telldus application. First you need to log in. Then accept that a 3:rd party app (power control in our case) can control your unit. Click yes.
  10. You should now be back at the start page. Test by entering the name of the power outlet in the search box. You should end up at the device control page.
  11. Here, you can download a QR code file or copy the URL for this power outlet. This is the official entry point to the power unit.
  12. Print the QR code and post it close to the power unit.

Now, anybody can scan the QR code and go to the given web page to control the outlet, given that they know the PIN code. As the cloud applications continues to evolve, more options will be added to fine tune the access rights and options for turning the unit on and off.

If you find this feature useful or have suggestions for improvements, please contact us at the comment page.