Power control


Power control is a cloud application intended to help an owner of a resource to allow access to that resource to other people. For example, an owner of a smart power outlet with remote on/off capability can set up the power control cloud app to remotely control the outlet. Using e.g. a QR code, users can scan the code, get access to the cloud app which will activate the power outlet once the user as fulfilled the given access conditions.

In its current state it will only support free for all and PIN protected power outlets. The plan is to extend this with more functionality as need arises. Various ways of offering monetary compensation for access is part of the roadmap.

For access to the power outlets, the cloud app currently supports 2 access methods:

  • http_push : A user defined http address is called at on and off events.
  • telldus_live : A call is made to the public API of the Telldus live cloud control application.

More  access methods are planned as the need arises. Specifially, some kind of MQTT publication of messages are in the pipe. Possibly also working with the Amazon IoT cloud offering. I would appreciate feedback about good access methods to implement.

Future development will also include setting up incoming sensor data streams to allow switching off the power outlet after a given amount of energy have been drawn.

When you try this service. Please leave a comment about what future development you think could make you a paying customer.